Paperback of WATCH ME DISAPPEAR available NOW!

The paperback of  WATCH ME DISAPPEAR comes out today! It's Target’s nationwide Book Club pick for May -- and you can pick up a signed special edition copy with bonus essays by clicking here!

... Or buy it at your favorite local independent bookstore! And be sure to get in touch with me if your book club decides to read it - I’m happy to make Skype appearances. And thanks for reading!

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Paperback cover reveal

Drumroll please... it’s the cover of the upcoming paperback edition of Watch Me Disappear! (Sharp eyes may recognize the image from the spine of the hardback version.) Available in bookstores on May 8.

WMD ppbk reveal.jpg

HOLIDAY OFFER: Personalized copies of Watch Me Disappear!

Holiday Offer! I will sign and personalize any copy of WATCH ME DISAPPEAR ordered from LA’s Skylight Books. (They’ll ship books anywhere in the US!) Just order online here and, at checkout, fill in the comment box, saying that you want a signed copy and including any names or messages you want inscribed! I'll even attempt a thematic holiday doodle or two -- Christmas trees, snowmen, gifts -- if you like. 

Gift a copy to every fiction lover in your family! And support an indie bookstore in the process!

Note: Orders must be placed by 12/17


NYT Bestseller list!

Watch Me Disappear debuted on the New York Times bestseller list this week. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy! 

Reviews: Chicago Tribune & AP

Says the Chicago Tribune: 

"Watch Me Disappear" is a surprising and compelling read. Like the best novels, it takes the reader somewhere she wouldn't otherwise allow herself to go. And like the best novels, it's strongest in the places that matter most: in the believability of its characters and the irresistibility of its plot."

And the AP: 

"For some people, the idea of unconditional love is fraught with conditions, especially when a relationship has been built on lies and secrets as the superb “Watch Me Disappear” shows. Janelle Brown’s third family drama delivers an incisive and emotional view of how grief and recovery from loss can seep into each aspect of a person’s life... Brown imbues realism in each character, whose complicated emotions fuel the suspenseful story."

LibraryReads #2 pick for July!

Every month, librarians across the US vote on their top 10 picks for new fiction, as part of the LibraryReads program. Guess what book was voted the #2 book for July? 

More early press

The early press keeps trickling in!

First, Booklist gave Watch Me Disappear a starred review: "Like a darker, meatier Where'd You Go Bernadette, Brown's latest explores the messy inner life of a mother just starting to feel invisible to her own family. This brilliantly layered novel is full of twists and turns, tender and biting and vibrant. Readers who can't get enough of the "Girl"-type suspense trend will be more than satisfied with this tautly paced domestic drama."

Also: Travel & Leisure and Fodors have both picked Watch Me Disappear as one of the best books to take on vacation this summer. 

Travel & Leisure: "Compelling and incredibly smart: We guarantee you won't be able to guess how it ends"

Fodors: "Keeps you on your toes until the very end." 

Fun early press

Early reviews are starting to trickle in!  Kirkus calls Watch Me Disappear "... So page-turning. Readers are likely to be unsure of which outcome would be most satisfying until the very end. Moody but restrained, this is a familiar tale that sets out to upend itself—and succeeds." Library Journal calls it a "domestic suspense" with "wide appeal" that's both "suspenseful" and "subtle." And Glamour says you're "guaranteed to love" Watch Me Disappear this summer -- and who am I to argue with them?

Audiobook -- in progress...

Audiobook -- in progress...

What you're looking at here is the taping of the audiobook of Watch Me Disappear, inside the super secret (well, not *so* secret) Penguin Random House audio studio. It was really fun (and yet also very strange) to hear my words being brought to life. The actor you see is reading the parts of Jonathan Flanagan's memoir about his dead (or maybe not?) wife, Billie Flanagan.  

Intrigued? Listen in to the unabridged audiobook when it is release on July 11!

New pub date, new book tour dates

... The pub date for Watch Me Disappear has been pushed to July 11 - thanks for your patience! The Skylight date is now July 10, and more book tour dates are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Launch event - June 20, 2017

Launch event - June 20, 2017

I am so fortunate to have such a terrific neighborhood bookstore, Skylight Books, and I'm feeling even luckier that the launch event for Watch Me Disappear will be held there on June 20. Save the date, Los Angeles.

Welcome to my (redesigned) Website

Welcome to my (redesigned) Website

My first new novel in six years merits a redesigned Web site -- thanks to designer Chris Daley for giving my online life a refresh, just in time for the upcoming launch of Watch Me Disappear!